The Best Accounting Software for Home-Based Business

Congratulations! You’re running your own business because you’re not content just to toil for wages all your life. It hasn’t been easy, especially if you’re still employed at your day job. Or if you’re new to running a business, and don’t know a lot about using a computer to help you manage it. But you have energy and determination—and most importantly, you have an achievable DREAM of success!

Time is your big issue, isn’t it? If you’re like many people, doing admin and accounting are the LAST things on your list. You need a software package that will have your BAS and records ready at ‘a click’ of a button, without the expense of going to the accountant.

Acclique, pronounced ‘a click’, is the answer.

Acclique is an Australian-made business-management software package especially developed for Australian home-based businesses and network marketers. We’ve made Acclique so easy to use, even if you’ve only had minimal computer experience! And you’ll love the wide range of functions it performs.

Check this: Acclique keeps track of your …

  • Domestic and overseas orders;
  • Invoices;
  • Products for personal use;
  • Demonstration products;
  • General income and expenses;
  • Inventory and stock;
  • Rental property income and expenses.

Print out a report? Click! Done.

Acclique can quickly generate such documents as …

  • Financial statements and Business Activity Statement (BAS);
  • Separate reports on retail customers (just think what a powerful tool you have, being able to track your regular, profitable customers!), wholesale distributors and business builders;
  • Printouts of phone numbers etc, for easy contact;
  • Customised forms for your business.

Just how easy is Acclique?

  1. There’s no accounting jargon to battle with.
  2. It has been designed with basic screens, without lots of confusing menus.
  3. There is minimal keying and entry. This means you can put it to work straight away!
  4. And you DON’T need to have any extra books (e.g. an invoice book), as your Acclique package does it all for you.

Even as your business grows bigger, this program will still do everything you need it to do.

Training? We DO offer training, but most people don’t seem to need it! Besides, built-in help comes with your package. If your preferred learning style is to jump in the deep end and THEN work out any problems, you’ll love Acclique. Because you can simply ring or email us if you have any questions.

Please note that under Australian Government privacy laws, customer information will not be used outside of Acclique support.