Frequently Asked Questions

1. What system requirements are needed to run ACCLIQUE®?

ACCLIQUE® will run on Windows XP, NT, 2000, 95 and greater or on the MAC dual boot systems. Minimum of 32Mb RAM. Hard disk space 20 – 50Mb, depending on installation method.

2. Do I require any other software to run ACCLIQUE®?

NO. ACCLIQUE® does require the MS ACCESS 2000 run-time library. However, if you do not have MS ACCESS 2000 you can download it free of charge from your software installation disk.

3. What help is provided with ACCLIQUE®?

ACCLIQUE® comes with an extensive on-line help file that should answer most of your queries. If you have further questions or are experiencing technical difficulties with our package then assistance is provided through our Help Desk. A technical consultant will promptly answer your query.

Click here for Acrobat Reader

 The online help file is in Adobe Acrobat format. If you don’t have the Acrobat Reader software to read this file, click the icon on the left to download it free of charge from the Adobe Web site.

4. I have very little computer experience. Will I have trouble using ACCLIQUE®?

No. ACCLIQUE® is very user-friendly. Together with the extensive on-line help and easy to follow forms with minimal data entry required, you should have no problems.

5. Is there a full money back guarantee offered with ACCLIQUE®?

Yes, provided you email us of your dissatisfaction and reason prior to registering the product with Jayatarras Pty Ltd. Every user is allowed to trial our product ten(10) times before being required to register ACCLIQUE®.

6. Can ACCLIQUE® be customised to support any Network Marketing company?

Yes. ACCLIQUE® can be used to maintain your business records for almost any Network Marketing company. The customisation mainly deals with each Network Marketing company’s pricing structure to ensure that their price list can be easily uploaded into our product.

7. Can I use ACCLIQUE® to manage the business records for my Product Hire Home Based Business?

No. ACCLIQUE® is only able to support service-oriented and/or product on-selling home based businesses. There are more suitable packages available in the marketplace to cater for Product Hire businesses.

8. What does ACCLIQUE® mean?

ACCLIQUE® is pronounced ‘a click’. Basically it means ‘a click and it’s done’. All your accounts can be done with a click of a button. Acclique® also stands for ‘an accounting software package designed with a select group of people in mind – namely Network Marketers and Home-Based Business.’

9. Can I offer suggestions as to what I would like to see improved or added to ACCLIQUE® in future?

Yes. Most Definitely. We strongly encourage feedback from our customers. The best way of letting us know what you like and don’t like about our package is by contacting us.

10. Will ACCLIQUE® handle all of my end of year worries?

ACCLIQUE® will handle most of your end of year worries. ACCLIQUE® will automatically create your end of year reports with minimal fuss. The only requirement we have is that you update ACCLIQUE® on a regular basis with your day-to-day transactions to minimise the chance of keying errors by leaving everything to the last minute.

11. I am registered for the GST. Will ACCLIQUE® generate a Business Activity Statement for me?

Yes, with a click of a button! When you register ACCLIQUE® you must choose whether you are required to lodge your BAS on either a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. ACCLIQUE® will then generate your BAS to reflect this reporting period.

12. Does ACCLIQUE® handle videos and tapes lent out to people?

At this stage ACCLIQUE® will handling everything you need in an MLM business, except for managing loans. Our other software package, ACCLIQUE Lib, will handle your loaning of sales aids and products to other people. Visit for more information.

13. What do I do when the Qty field is missing from my order form?

Point your mouse to the right hand edge of the DistCost field (the pointer will change to a bar) and holding the left mouse down drag the pointer to the right. This will unhide the Qty field.

14. How do I create a shortcut on the desktop for ACCLIQUE®?

Point your mouse to the START button on the bottom left hand corner of the task bar, click the right mouse button and select EXPLORE using the left mouse button. Using EXPLORE go to where ACCLIQUE® is loaded (e.g. c:\Program Files\Acclique). Select the file called ACCLIQUE® using the left mouse button. Whilst ACCLIQUE® is selected hit the right mouse button and choose COPY. Move your cursor to point to the Windows desktop (background) and hit the right mouse button and select PASTE SHORTCUT. Select the shortcut with the left mouse button and then hit the right mouse button and select PROPERTIES. In PROPERTIES choose CHANGE ICON and browse to where ACCLIQUE® is loaded (e.g. c:\Program Files\Acclique). Select the ACCLIQUE® mouse pointer icon. Select OPEN, then OK and OK again.

15. In the Most Profitable Customers report it shows total retail and total profit. In the case of selling to my fiance, I have sold him products at wholesale, so have keyed in a dollar value in the discount field to reduce the invoice back down to the wholesale amount. How does this affect the figures? The Most Profitable Customers report shows me making $27 profit on this sale to my fiance when in fact I made none.

You are correct and the reason why it happens is because the calculations are done based on the Dist Cost and RRP. It doesn’t take the discount into account. To resolve this what you can do is treat this as a wholesale invoice. You can edit the RRP in the invoice to the wholesale price or enter the invoice through the Wholesale Invoice menu option.

16. When entering a new customer from the Enter/Update Invoice screen, it doesn’t allow you to select that newly entered customer unless you go back to the menu tree and select Enter/Update Invoice again.

This is correct as it needs to refresh prior to seeing the new entries.

17. If I make a mistake on an invoice and I happen to not need to key in another one and I exit out, it still retains that record. Is there a way of deleting that invoice record so that I don’t have to remember next time around to use up that invoice number? I deleted the information so that the invoice was empty, but this looks strange and uses an invoice number unecessarily.

The reason you can not delete the whole invoice is for the accounting control. You are correct in that you can go back and unlock the invoice and refill it later. Hopefully you should have more than one like this at a time.

18. Is there the capability of entering old orders in a random date fashion and expecting it to list them in an orderly way? The individual order number it allocates seems to be the priority.

This is correct in the order form view. To see the orders in the date sequence please use the TOTAL PURCHASE BY DATE selection under the ORDERS/REPORTS section.

19. How do you fix the error “Can not find the system.dat file”?

You need to go online to and select REGISTER YOUR COPY OF ACCLIQUE®. Then you put in your Business Name, Invoice No, Machine Code and the server will generate your unlock. When this happens please read the page as it asks you to save the system.dat file in your ACCLIQUE folder (c:\Program Files\Acclique).

20. In addition to the print out feature already there for invoices, how easy would it be for you to give us the feature on an invoice which we have just made, where we could copy, or preferably send to, which included going to an email recipient?

The E-mail function is currently available. After you have created an invoice choose print invoice and the print report with the preview ticked. Then under file choose export and change the save type as to “RICH TEXT FORMAT” or Print to PDF. This file can be attached to an E-mail and sent to the customer. They can open it in Word.

21. How do I delete rows in my Personal Use Form?

Just a reminder that if you make a mistake when entering data into the Personal Use table please select the grey box on the left hand side of the row (this select the whole row) and then hit delete on your keyboard. This will delete the whole row.

If you want to delete data from a previous date make sure you unlock the form first and follow the instructions above.

22. How do I handle the Noni Juice 4 pack if I want to sell individual bottles?

Please note that after you have order the Noni 4 pack, if you want to sell individual bottles, what you should do is go into OPTIONS, INITIAL SETTINGS, and subtract the purchase from stock by choosing the item and a negative quantity (e.g. If I bought 1 pack then I would put item code 9606 and quantity -1, in the second row I would add item code 1870 and quantity 4). This will put 4 bottles of Noni Juice into stock.

23. How do I delete incorrect Business Expenses?

If you want to delete an item from the Business Expenses Form what you need to do is go to the record you wish to delete and click on the grey bar to the left. It will change to black. Then press the Delete key. It will ask you to confirm the deletion.

24. What is a Null Value Error?

A few people have had trouble with entering their personal use as it has resulted in a NULL VALUE ERROR appearing.

SOLUTION: When entering in your personal use please make sure that you are entering a date prior to the current date.

Once you get the NULL VALUE error the only solution is to E-mail us your accliquedata.mdb file from c:\Program Files\Acclique so that we can fix the problem and send it back. Do not enter any more data till your accliquedata.mdb file has been returned.

25. What do we do at End of Year?

Here are some important end of year procedures to follow when using ACCLIQUE.

A summary of the End of Year Procedures are:

  • Enter in all Orders, Invoices, Personal Use, Demonstration Products, and Samples dated up to and including 30 June.
  • Print off the Stock On Hand Report on 30 June.
  • Print off the Profit and Loss Statement on 30 June.
  • Go into the Rollover Year menu option. Press the Rollover Year button.
  • Finish entering in any outstanding General Income and Expenses dated up to and including 30 June.
  • Once all information from 1 July to 30 June has been entered into Acclique, print off Profit & Loss statement, Stock on Hand report, and other Acclique reports and hand to accountant to complete Tax Return.

You MUST use the Rollover function in Acclique PRIOR to entering in orders and invoices etc. dated 1 July and onwards(refer to Helpfile). This is because the Stock on Hand report is continually updated to reflect what you physically have left on your shelf on any given day.

We also recommend that you print off your Stock on Hand report on 30 June, to ensure you have a paper printout of what is left on your shelf at that date. Ideally, the Stock on Hand report should be printed once you have finished entering in everything relating to 1 July – 30 June and PRIOR to entering in information dated 1 July of the new financial year.

For those of you who are using the Bank Reconciliation Statement function in Acclique once you have completed your bank reconciliation as at 30 June you need to press the “Store balance for this year” button.

26. Can ACCLIQUE® be used to manage rental property income and expenses?

Yes ACCLIQUE® does an excellent job at managing rental property income and expenses and giving you up-to-date information about the cashflow of your properties.

27. Can ACCLIQUE® handle multiple businesses?

Yes ACCLIQUE® can handle as many businesses as you want. Please contact us on 1800 260 888, to explain how to set this up.